I’m in love with this option for a high end book!  They are hand-crafted in Italy, printed on photo paper and come in seven sizes  -  (medium sizes: 8x8”, 8x12”, 12x8”, 9.5x9.5” and large sizes: 9.5x13, 13x9.5 and 12x12”).  But what I really love is the ability to display the cover within a frame/box that comes with a magnetic transparent cover.  They can be displayed upright on shelf and look like a print in a shadow box.  All the details are top notch.  The medium size books with 20 pages (sides) and the shadow box frame with a transparent lid run about $350 and the large sizes are approximately $400.  

Each box/frame is hand-made in rigid HDF (High Density Fiberboard) material, then
covered in the leatherette in the color of your choice - all 40 of them are  yummy!

With company headquarters located in a castle in the Italian Alps, how could they not make beautiful heirloom quality books. 


And so much more!  Like seagulls, and sand, and sunsets. I took a spur of the moment drive to the beach late this afternoon.  After all the rain we’ve had, I was curious about how the hillside would look and if the wildflowers might be in bloom.  WOW, the hills were awash in yellow flowers.  If you’ve been thinking about doing a beach photo session, now is the time to make plans and book a date.  Even at sunset today the temperature was a balmy 65 degrees.  Sunset was beautiful.  All that was missing was Y-O-U! 


A long time family friend of ours gave birth to twin baby boys on Valentines Day.  She seems to have a thing for giving birth on holidays though arrivals were planned for her and not by her.  Her firstborn arrived on St. Patrick’s Day, also fitting since daddy is of Irish descent.  Collectively they’re calling their three children “Luck and Love”. 

It was nice to be back at the hospital where I got my start photographing babies and to see some of the nurses I used to work with.  But the real photo op comes next week when I visit the babies at their home in their own environment.  Here’s a few baby photos from yesterday with grandma, mom and dad, and big brother.


New clients often ask me, “Do you bring props?”  Because it’s a frequent question, I’ll address it.  The answer is: “Not usually.  But… I can and will.” 

IF you have an vision of something you would like to have included in your session but are too busy to find it yourself,  just describe it to me and I will make use of my sources to locate it and see to it that is is purchased on your behalf.

Since I am strictly an on-location photographer, I do not have a studio with backdrops and space to store a truckload of props.  Additionally, I would never want to use and re-use the same props repeatedly getting the same look but with interchangable babies. 

Here’s what I have done and can do.

One client had an image in her mind of her little girls as angels for the annual holiday card.  We conferred and decided on yards of white tulle, small clear lights stringed on white, white angel dresses with wings and golden halos.  Some golden wands and assorted ornaments completed the look while the girls sat on several yards of fluffy “clouds.” 

Another client had an idea for her baby’s pre-first birthday session:  a little backyard lemonade stand next to a lemon tree.  Between the two of us, we arranged to put together the elements for a cute setting complete with tablecloth, pitcher and mason jars, blackboard sign and a little red chair for the sales girl.  The lemonade in the pitcher and glasses is photoshopped in post. 

For the “Chanel baby” we took a fancy living room chair out to the yard, used some of mom’s jewelry and voila!

The vintage guitar and its case had deep personal meaning to the father of that sleeping baby.  The photo will forever carry that significance because it wasn’t my multi-purpose prop - it is daddy’s beloved guitar.

The giant teddy bear protecting the baby in a blanket draped basket “props” were gifts from family and friends. 

Etsy is also a great source as in the pink net canopy with balloons, the mushroom stool and the oversized cupcake.

Lastly the maternity photo includes a floral crown I put together from artificial flowers I bought at Michael’s.  The “gown” is 3-4 yards of chiffon draped, wrapped around, and secured with several feet of satin ribbon. If you want to go with something more elaborate, Sew Trendy does the most amazing gowns, crowns, and some super cute little girl and baby items too. 

It’s easy to forget the number of items you have in your homes that can be utilized as props.  This includes any number of baskets, hat boxes, suitcases, blankets, artificial flowers, stuffed animals and other toys, books, heirloom baby furniture from a parent’s own childhood, and even gardening supplies. Any prop that has direct meaning to the family I’m photographing is a prop I like to use.


If you’ve been my client for more than a short time, you have heard me rave about the professional labs I use to print your images - books, metal prints and canvas gallery wraps.  I always appreciate when you take advantage of the direct ordering of archival quality prints from yourbabymycamera.pixieset.com 

You’ve also probably heard me shudder when I hear about prints purchased through consumer labs such as Costco, Walmart or Shutterfly.  If you’ve been putting off your order now is the time to take the opportunity.  See for yourself and take advantage of the deep discounting of three popular sizes from now until February 13 - just before Valentine’s Day.  

All you need to do is click on the shopping cart icon on any of your favorite images, and select one of those three sizes - 16x20”, 16x24”, or 20x30”.  I recommend you order the styrene mounted prints for the best framing results. Your prints will be delivered to you directly from the lab, ready to frame.

Any questions?  Just Ask Sue - call or text me @818.456.2824 or email - yourbabymycamera@yahoo.com

It’s the Last of 2016

So it’s out with the Old and in with the New!  2016 has been a year lamented by many as a bad one. But for me it was my best since starting my photography business.  My happiest 2016 moments were spent laughing along with your families.  Like when I begged you to hold that uncomfortable pose balanced on a boulder for just one second more.  When we coaxed the most beautiful smile from your baby.  When the “I do” moment was sealed with a kiss.  We climbed rocks in Malibu, sat on tree stumps, scaled staircases, hurried out of the rain to our cars, and roasted during some of those hot summer months.  My hard drive/s runneth over!  (actually quite literally)

With 2017 only hours away I want to let you know a little of what’s in store.

First - a NEW WEBSITE!  By the time you read this, the Time Square ball will have already dropped.  Transferring my domain will take 5-7 days and then the official launch in the first week of January if all goes according to plan. And what doesn’t go according to plan? :)

  • There will be a slight increase for all sessions for the first time in over two years.  You can check it out on the “Investment-Packages” page.  The cost of doing business and the cost of living have increased so the time has come.
  • You’ve invested in professional photography.  You carefully selected
    your wardrobe, done your hair and makeup.  You’ve gathered up the family and driven to the scenic
    location we’ve decided upon. You’ve endured hot sun, sandy beaches,
    windy days and smiled through it all to get the best images.  The final
    step of the process is high quality print products that will last a
  •   As always I encourage you to make use of my fantastic professional
    lab for prints.  There really is no comparison to the high quality of color
    reproduction and longevity achieved when using archival papers and inks from a
    pro lab. 
  • If you want quality books, albums and/or enlargements for larger wall size prints, canvases, image blocks, standouts or metal prints, please let me know and I will place your order directly taking care of all the details. 
  • I can also take care of framing your prints and hand delivering them to your home ready to hang. 

T’was the day after Christmas…

…but every hiker I encountered while pre-scouting locations within the park greeted me with “Merry Christmas!” I’m excited to have discovered a new park with multiple beautiful settings. This will be perfect for any future clients from the Burbank-Glendale area.  Make sure to have hiking shoes with you! 

I love this first image.  While trying to position twelve members of the extended family, this little toddler was more interested in what I was doing than finding her “mark.”  The two brothers in the tree were doing what I asked - telling each other what they thought of one another.

It’s Fall in Los Angeles…

…though the calendar indicates it’s winter and though it may be snowing in other parts of the country.  Here in the Southland we have a late and brief autumn before the “spring” rosebuds of February start to bloom.  Fortunately we had just had a bit of rain before meeting up with one of my favorite families.  Little wisps of green tendrils were happily rising from the previously drought tortured land. The fall leaves looked brighter having been soaked the night before.  The light coming through the treetops was so pretty it almost hurt to see so much beauty all around.  Here are just a few from that day.

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