here are pets

German shepherd looking out a window
Dachsund puppy with toy.
White dog looks through lace curtain
Gray and white cat sits on ledge with candlestick holder
German Shepherd digging in beach sand
Bulldog with green and red bandana
Little perky dog on bed tilting his head
Sleepy white dog with long ears
Alert pooch on edge of sofa
Chihuahua looks over the side of a yellow wagon
Little boy chases his Australian Shepherd dog
Dogs running
Boy skipping stones in a creek with chocolate lab puppy
Boy feeding ice cream cone to his dog
Smiling fluffy white dog on edge of sofa
Black fluffy dog looks up at camera
Family in garden with two boxer dogs
German Shepherd lying down peacefully
Red haired woman holds golden doodle puppy
Girl in red dress leans her head on black and white dog
Caramel colored golden doodle puppy with little girl with red bow
Boy lies down between two Australian Shepherd dogs
Small dog on picnic table with fall decor
Woman with Boston Terrier in the woods
Little boy runs into the waves with his dog on a leash
German Shepherd running on the beach while hundreds of birds fly over the ocean.
Fawn colored puppy sleeping on woman's shoulder
White husky dog watches little boy eat his lunch
German Shepherd sniffing the diaper of baby
Two boys sitting on lawn with Pomeranian dog
Mother and baby with German Shepherd rest on bed together
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