Baby boy grabs his toes and brings them to his mouth.
Baby boy with chubby fingers plays with his chubby toes
Baby girl in fur and sheers sleeps in a basket.
Baby girl in white stands in her crib.
Tummy time for twin brother and sister and Sophie the giraffe
Sleeping newborn twin boys all in hand knit cover-alls and caps
Sleeping newborn in blue gauzy wrap wearing blue knit cap.
Baby asleep in flower laden basket.
Awake baby with furry background wrapped in blankie.
Newborn baby girl asleep in white gauzy swaddle atop pastel colored hand knit afghan blanket.
Sibling kissing her newborn baby brother on his head.
Big sister caresses baby brother.
Swaddled sleeping newborn with mommy and daddy looking on
Baby in white wrap with white stuffed bunny.
Sleeping baby girl seen through slats of her crib.
Sleeping newborn holding symbolic silver wolf medallion
Sleeping newborn baby girl on pink-white cable knit blanket
Sleeping baby boy on furry rug while wrapped in blue with stuffed elephants behind him
Sleeping newborn with lavender flower knit cap and cuddly bunny slippers
Baby girl on armchair in Coco Chanel pearls, head band and diaper cover
I love you a bushel and a peck pillow and baby awake with pink bunny and shoes
Blue-eyed baby boy looks into camera while lying against chest of his mommy
Little girl with top knot hair style partially under pillows.
Awake baby girl with headband lying under pink and white blanket
Looks like a doll in white eyelet baby bonnet with matching white dress with bib.
Swaddled sleeping baby keeps warm on furry rug before blazing fire.
Sleeping baby in blue-white hand knit cap with peace sign button
Baby girl in red ruffled dress and matching bonnet takes a snack break in garden
Baby girl in old-fashioned pink baby bonnet and smocked baby dress.
Bright eyed baby boy cuddled up in white furry parka like a little Eskimo
Korean baby girl in colorful traditional costume for her first birthday
Baby boy comes in from the cold as his knit cap slips down over his eyes
Red bonnet and dress on baby with mushroom bench in garden
Sleeping newborn baby swaddled in fairy print muslin on pink-white polka dots
Baby in pink tutu among velvet cushions wearing Coco Chanel pearls
Laughing baby girl with imported white silks with lacy diaper cover and floral head band
Laughing baby girl with red rose and Coco Chanel pearl necklace
Teething baby girl has forefinger in her mouth as she gazes into camera
Baby girl in yellow tulle headband has a new tooth coming in.
Teething blue-eyed baby boy looks up at the mobile on his crib
Shy baby girl covers one eye
Labradoodle sniffing sleeping newborn baby boy.
Daddy and mommy kiss newborn while dog looks on.
Happy baby girl and dolly discover a hiding place under mirrored dining room table.
Happy baby girl and dolly discover a hiding place under mirrored dining room table
Baby points upward toward an unseen reflection of mommy.
Smiling mommy hugs her baby boy as she climbs up a curving staircase
Chubby bare baby boy lies on the chest of his mommy.
Smiling mommy cuddles her bright-eyed baby girl.
Mother and daughter in feminine nursery of peachy-pinks and turquoise
In the nursery as mommy lifts up bare baby girl
Red-headed mommy and newborn baby boy kiss
Baby searching for nipple to finds mommy nose instead.
Baby girl sucking on daddy finger.
Mommy and newborn baby eye-to-eye as she kisses his little nose.
Baby boy sucking daddy nose in another case of mistaken body part.
Mommy and baby daughter stare into each others eyes with love.
Sleepy newborn rests on chest of his mommy.
Mother and son with Nigerian heirloom beads
Mommies and newborns both need nap time
Older sister caressing newborn baby brother skin to skin.
No better way for a newborn to nap than skin-on-skin atop mommy.
Concerned mommy calming newborn baby ssshhh ssshhh.
Baby and mommy sleep
Burping the newborn in a seated position. Funny expression.
Baby girl reflected in mirror.
Baby girl not sure if she should be happy or cry.
Designer baby with Chanel pearls and Stuart Weitzman sandal
Lots of crystal and pearl bling to make this baby girl happy.
Baby girl with floral headband and pearls
Baby alseep al fresco with pearls, lace, and fluffy blankets
Baby asleep wrapped in soft fringed white blanket
Sleeping baby half covered in white and gray patterned wrap and pink floral headband.
Sleeping baby cozy among feathers and furry blankets
Pink nursery with chandelier and sitting baby on table.
Baby girl asleep in her crib in the nursery
Father kisses his wife as she holds their sleeping newborn baby.
Newborn baby asleep with mommy and daddy.
Daddy, mommy and baby asleep atop one another.
Proud mommy and daddy with happy twin babies
Baby girl asleep in basket with stuffed goose looking on
Huge teddy bear looks out for newborn baby girl
Sleeping bare baby on bear blanket
Getting ready for birthday party with balloons and pink netting
Baby girl sleeping comfortably with fringe angora hand knit blanket
Baby asleep in blue nursery
A unique baby bed - a guitar case
Newborn baby boy in vintage football helmet
Newborn sleeping outdors in a basket
Sleeping newborn in basket
Newborn baby Pittsburgh Steelers fan in helmet
Vintage guitar alongside baby sleeping in case
Daddy on veranda with pink tutu baby girl.
Daddy kissing hand of newborn while baby looks into the eyes of mommy.
Daddy looks into eyes of his newborn son while window light illuminates.
Father with newborn baby boy asleep in his arms.
Naked newborn baby boy rests on arm of his daddy.
Daddy kisses baby's cheek
Newborn baby skin-on-skin with daddy
Newborn baby nose-to-nose with daddy
Daddy tosses baby above California palm trees
Sleeping newborn lifted by the hands of his daddy.
Daddy tosses baby.
Baby feet in the face of daddy.
Daddy resting with baby girl alongside him.
Baby and seagulls fly at Malibu beach
Baby in tub atop kitchen sink.
Happy baby at bath time
Baby in bathtub gets sprayed with water
Clean up bath after cake smash for baby girl
Baby in white tub at kitchen sink.
Baby in tub watches water flow over his head.
One year old washing up after eating birthday cake
Baby girl with necklace on in little tub.
Newborn baby yawns while being held by the hand of mommy.
Baby girl with mommy and bougainvillea
Auntie and baby boy just before bris ceremony
Baby boy and moyel just after bris
Daddy touches cheek of his newborn baby boy
Baby boy asleep in crib
Newborn baby girl with headband and tutu.
Newborn baby girl asleep on the lap of mommy.
Sitting baby with top knot wearing pink tutu.
Baby details collage with open eye, face, ear, hand, lips and toes
Baby holds stuffed tiger
Tiny resting hand of sleeping baby with star blanket.
Baby in long white gown kicking her feet.
Newborn baby feet in mommy's hands
Daddy, mommy and baby's hands
Newborn twin babies' feet in mommy and daddy hands
Baby boy chases squirrel
Baby girl asleep on her tummy in her parents' bed
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