Woe to those with allergies because the pollen is floating through the air like snowflakes these days.  But the flowers and the GREEN!  We Californians have suffered through several years of intense drought but this winter brought rain.  And you know what showers bring - MARCH flowers!  Wild flowers and Domestic flowers. 

Yesterday I waited in a looong line to enter a local garden.  It turns out that many others had the same idea.  And why not?  The sky was blue with fluffy white clouds. The temperatures were in the upper 60s.  And the flowering trees, the bushes, the wisteria, tulips, azaleas, camellias, poppies were still spring fresh.  Everywhere was greenery and such a nice change from the burnt browns of the past few years that took such a toll on our landscape.

Now is the time to schedule May-June dates especially for those always popular Saturday and Sundays.  My weekdays are much more flexible.  Sunsets are now after 7:00 and by late June we’ll have beautiful late light until 8:40!

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