A house in Malibu burns. Photo credit: Ringo HW Chiu, AP

View from our neighborhood

Point Dume in the Spring

Point Dume, Malibu

Point Dume, November 2018

Before.  A lifeguard station as a photo backdrop

After. A lifeguard station where llamas and horses were brought to safety on the beach

Before. Peter Strauss Ranch house

After. November 2018.  The house had just been completely renovated.  Oddly, the bathroom structure off to the side is intact.

Paramount Ranch Old Western Village

Before. Paramount Ranch

After.  The only remaining structure at Paramount Ranch.

In the aftermath of the recent California wildfires and the devastation wreaked upon so many in Northern and Southern parts of our state, it’s time to reflect on what matters most.  Those of us who live in areas where fires are frequent though usually not as horrific as this year, are told to be Ready, Set, Go in the event of an evacuation order.  What do you take?  Your family, your pets and your most precious memories of same.  It’s remarkable how meaningful those tangible items that evoke the past become when the present is in survival mode.  Some images from before and after here at this blog.  Many of you who’ve done photo sessions with me are likely to recall these locations.  I haven’t yet gone out to survey the damage first hand but will likely do so next week.  My heart breaks for the enormous losses. 

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