No, I’m not COVID19 Positive!  :)

But with the pandemic emergency declarations of recent days, like others, my business has been affected. I have had multiple cancellations and am feeling the potential loss of income as a result. 

On the plus side, I have the TIME now to design and order those photo products you may have been putting off buying. Remember, doing the photo session is only phase one of the process.  It’s all about tangible printed products (and not from Costco or Walmart.)

I would deeply appreciate your orders at this time.

Many clients album-book layouts have been emailed and are now awaiting final approval on the design. If you could look again and help me complete your order, I’d be grateful.  Just ask if you need me to re-send the links.

Please message-email-call me with any questions or to request price lists.

PS - The silver lining = Our toilet paper stash is good for at least one month

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