Answering these 10 questions will help me customize your photo session. 

Email your answers to:

1. If pregnant, when is your due date?

2. Siblings, if any? Names/Ages

3. If pregnant, are you interested in a newborn session in addition to a maternity photos? 

4. What style session are you looking for? 

  •     Everyone smiling, looking at the camera 
  •     Candid photos, natural expressions 
  •     Mix of both posed and candid

5. Where would you like to do your session? 

  •      At home?
  •      On location? (Beach, Park, Garden, Museum, Urban)

6. What type of wardrobe are you considering for your session?

  •      Dressy 
  •      Casual
  •      Beachwear
  •      Costume
  •      Other (if you'd like suggestions, let me know)

7. Which products are you most interested in?

  •       Wall portraits (canvases, framed wall size prints, photo collages, metal prints)
  •       Books/Albums
  •       Gift Prints for family and friends
  •       Holiday Cards
  •       Birth Announcementsd

8. How would you describe your family's style and home decor?

  •        Contemporary
  •        Rustic-Country
  •        Traditional
  •        Eclectic

9. Which rooms in your home are you hoping to display your printed photo products?

  •        Nursery - Child's Room
  •        Living Room - Family Room
  •        Parent’s Bedroom
  •        Hallway/Stairs

10. How did you hear about me?  If a friend referred you, I’d love to thank them! *

* All referrals that culminate in a completed photo session receive a $25 photo credit to be used toward future photo sessions.  Non-transferable

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