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Acrylic Handle 8GB (or 16GB) USB Drive

$60.00 USD

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The Flash Drive is initially delivered to me with the wording and photo of your choice. Upon receipt, I will upload all your photos and deliver it to you ready for your use.  This personalized flash drive will be a permanent digital storage solution to secure your family memories.  The 8 GB USB drive will contain a copy of all your edited, high resolution images from your session/s.  

A 16 GB version ($80) is also available for those very large events or when there are too many images to fit on the 8 GB.  A custom photo cover gift box is a nice addition if you'd like to share this item with the grandparents. $14 additional.

You may send me a payment via Venmo @Susan-Eisenstadt or Zelle 818-456-2824.

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