Antique Rose Gold

For quite some time I’ve been looking for a jewelry designer to make custom photo lockets.  I’ve found a wonderful company that makes these lockets and am now offering them to my clients. 

Originally I thought of them for showcasing a maternity-to-newborn set but images of couples, family, weddings or even a locket dedicated to your pets would work equally well.

The outer image is encased in resin but the inside two photos can be changed out if you like.  Available in three colors - Antique Silver, Antique Gold or Antique Rose Gold with a matching chain in either 16” or 24” length.  Please let me know early if you’d like to place an order for the
holidays and we can discuss which of your images will work best. 

Most likely I’ll be wearing my sample locket at your upcoming photo sessions or party so just ask to check it out. 

Three-Photo Necklace Locket                             $85

Three-Photo Key Chain Locket                            $65

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